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Cesar The Magician

Cesar the magician is one of the best entertainers you could get for your children's party. He is based out of South Orange, New Jersey but is willing to travel to any place that can be reached within an hour from there. Cesar the magician is a professional entertainer who knows how to make your kid's birthday party memorable. With over 25 years of experience, he's honed his craft to the finest degree. He has the ability to make your kids believe in magic.

Cesar is a skilled magician who takes magic seriously. He performs unique tricks that he's mastered through years of practice. His love for magic really shows in his performance. Besides his skill, it's his personality which really makes him unforgettable. He knows how to make everyone laugh and his show is just as funny as it is fascinating

Cesar the magician performs a 45-minute show that will enrapture and fascinate everyone in the audience, children and adults alike. The show is funny and memorable. It is designed around audience participation and will leave those watching in splits. The kids in the audience are an integral part of his performance. They participate in his tricks right from their seats. Other than that, he calls up 1-5 kids on stage to be a part of his trick. This means that over the course of the show 10-15 children have the opportunity to be the center of attention. Participating on stage will be very special for the birthday boy or girl. In the finale of the magic, Cesar the magician will make the child of honor levitate mid-air!

His show is designed to entertain children who are 4 to 9 years old. Anyone and everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy his show though as long as there's a majority of 4-9 year-olds in the audience.

After the magic show, Cesar the magician performs a 15-minute interactive balloon show. He makes children guess the animal is going to make with balloons while making it. It's a fun game and the perfect way to wrap up the show

What makes Cesar the magician's show great is how funny and inclusive it is. His magical stunts are funny and bewildering at the same time. Cesar is more than just a magician, he's an entertainer who'll make sure that everyone in the audience is having a fun and memorable experience. His show is all about the people present and making memories that they can look back and laugh at. His show is not just about a slick performance but creating memories as well.

Cesar the magician doesn't require any special equipment, he's fully self-contained and prepares everything that he needs to perform himself. He brings an illusion, two tables, two chairs, and a portable public address system. He even brings mats for the children to sit on. He can perform both indoors and outdoors and doesn't need much space to enchant with his craft. He's comfortable in a living room, basement or a backyard just the same. He's the ideal person to call for a birthday party in any space.

Cesar the magician is a professional and knows what it means to be a man of his word. He's worked for 25 years in corporate America and makes it a point to be on time and keep clients happy. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies, he knows how to provide world class service. You can rest assured, knowing that he will be present on the occasion of your child's birthday come rain or storm. With 25 years of experience, he's ready to handle anything. Working in the field for so long, he knows how to make the best of any situation that he finds himself. Regardless of what situation may arise, Cesar the magician will shine through in making the most of it. You are guaranteed to enjoy his show.