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John Carlson Magician In NJ Entertains Children At Their Birthday Parties

John Carlson performs for children's birthday parties as a magician in NJ and anywhere else in the world. He is already known among celebrities, because he performed a lot in for their children. John was interested in magic tricks since he was just twelve years old. As he grew older, he started to be invited to various events. Today, he is one of the most active magicians, entertaining children at public and private events worldwide.

The renowned magician has made shows in many popular locations, including the White House and NBC. In his shows, John presents various magic tricks (such as the classical live bunny rabbit trick) and includes music, ventriloquism and comedy representations. The audience is invited to participate in his show. Surprisingly, the magician worked for the New York City police for twenty years and has taught children about how dangerous drugs can be. Other great achievements of this performer are being a kick-boxer, a husband, a father and an avid runner.

Only the fact that John has entertained many celebrities and their children has made him the most popular birthday party magician in the United States. The man has an extremely busy schedule and you may have to book months in advance in order to get him at your children's birthday parties. John has created a special magic kit called the Ultimate Magic Kit that contains easy to perform magic tricks. The instructions are also easy to follow by anyone who wants to experience the basics of being a magician. Your children can learn more than three hundred magic tricks with this kit. Leaning magic can be beneficial for children, as they can raise their IQ and improve their self-esteem. However, nothing compares to the live performance of John Carlson himself.

John Carlson magician in NJ has stated that one of the secrets of his success is the way he can draw children's attention. Making them laugh is the best thing you can do for this purpose. When the children are totally focused on him, he says the magic word. Parents who have already used John's services are amazed of his performance. They say it is very interesting to watch this magician performing even for an adult. In one testimonial, a father says that John is a man who has a lot of talent. Others say that the shows of the magician totally worth the money they spent, because they are fantastic and fun. None of the interviewed parents seem to dislike John's performance.

Birthday parties are special events for any child and parent. These types of events have to be made as memorable as possible and having an entertainer like Carlson at a birthday party is the best choice. You can ask John to come to other types of events as well, as he can also come to family shows, schools, libraries, preschools and daycares. With fair prices, professionalism and adaptability, John Carlson can please audiences of all ages. You can contact him anytime you want to make a booking. All you need to do is choose the type of event that you are planning and you will receive information about options, availability and prices.