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Magicians for Kids Birthday Parties

If you are looking for one of the most popular Magicians for kid’s birthday parties in NJ, then look no more. John Carlson has been performing his magic shows in New Jersey for over thirty years. The experience he has as a family entertainer who guarantees that your child’s birthday party will be a great success.

The birthday child can be the star of the show, but no worries because if he or she is shy, they could just sit and watch and they will still have a blast during the show. There is plenty of audience participation where the children will be involved in the magic and they actually help make things appear, disappear, float around in the air. Not only will the children be amazed at the jaw dropping magic, but they will be laughing so, so much. It is a family style show that not only the kids will love, but also the parents will also really appreciate. Every magic show is uniquely customized for whatever ages are at the party.

When having magicians for kid’s birthday parties, it is always good to know if they use any live animals in the show such as a dove or bunny rabbit. This can make the party extra special. When John Carlson makes his bunny rabbit named “Oreo” magically appear, just wait to see the looks on the faces of the children. If time allows, John will allow each of the children at the party to pet the bunny rabbit, so get the cameras ready! Of course we will have a photo opportunity with the birthday child and the live bunny rabbit together.

If you decide to go for one of the optimized packages that are offered by the best Magician in NJ that you will find, then the kids will also love the ventriloquism. Ventriloquists are very rare and children themselves rarely get to see the old time vaudevillian style with a puppet that won’t be scary for young children. Kids are curious on how John Carlson can throw his voice and many of the audience members will truly think that the puppet is working through an internal audio device such as a tape recorder or mp3 player. John will do a funny routine where the puppet will joke around with John and audience members with no insulting humor whatsoever. At the end of the routine the puppet will sing Happy Birthday in a very special and funny way which will have the kids cracking up.

When booking anyone of the magicians for kid’s birthday parties, even if you don’t select the best in New Jersey, just make sure to book early to avoid conflicting dates and times, but most of all to avoid the disappointment of the birthday child. When you are on the phone or whether you are communicating by email, make sure to ask all the questions that you need to. Ask if the magician has liability insurance. How does he dress? How many years of experience does he have performing magic for children? Make sure to watch performance videos on so you can see the audience reactions and especially the reactions of the children. Also be careful because there are magicians out there that perform for adult parties and they sometimes do not know how to handle children who may misbehave during the show. It’s important that when looking for any magicians for kid’s parties that you hire one who specializes in performing for children who genuinely loves kids.