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South Jersey Magician

The South Jersey Magician is popular in the nation but he started out in New Jersey. His real name is Josh Bersteker, born and raise in South Jersey. He has always had a passion for magic that lead him to spent a lot of his time learning the art. He is always ready to perform and entertain the crowd with his quick wit. He started performing over 16 years ago. Over time he has grown a large fan which requires him to travel all over the nation performing. He is never short of events to attend at any day of the week. His secret is engaging his viewers. He does not perform a series of activities on his own the stage by himself. When you attend his show you will enjoy it because it is lively and interactive. You get to participate in the magic tricks and enjoy them.

There is no age limit in his audience; everyone is bound to enjoy the show. He has entertained all sorts of audiences from children to politicians to rich folk. Some say he is a mentalist because some of the tricks he does right in front of the audience are amazing. You can book him anytime online for whatever event you have. He is on the Gig salad booking platform and all bookings are done there. Make sure to book in advance to ensure someone else doesn’t book on the day of your event. The south jersey magician comes highly recommended to events because of his magic style. His comedic nature also boost his rating in addition to his likeable nature. He is kind and open to people. He also performs high quality work whether at a paid event or a charity event.

Josh has worked with several students of magic. He has taken to training new magician on how to do tricks and perfecting their own tricks and performance. He once did training at jersey shore magic were crowds rolled in to see him perform as well as watch the newbies showcase their talents. He trained new magician from the start and watched them make their first appearances where they nailed the show. He is patient and willing to transfers his skills to those willing to learn.

Josh always has new tricks up his sleeve and he constantly tries to learn new tricks. He can. Perform for hours without boring the crowd or repeating his tricks unless on demand. His passion for magic makes him curious on how to improve his performance and keep his audience smiling at all times. Being self trained also works to his advantage making him to tap into his creativeness to come up with new and unique tricks.

Josh has beat the traditional magic tricks aimed at impressing the audience and created a niche where he is the best at it. This great performer is yet to see the best of his career which is growing at a skyrocketing rate. His fame will grow as he make more and more people smile everyday. When John Carlson the magician in NJ is booked we would recommend him as an alternate.