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Steve Woyce

Steve Woyce Magician was born in NJ and grew up their and became a young magic enthusiast. He has been around for well over fifteen years in the business Steve is currently married. He and his wife have had two children together. They all reside in Laurence Harbor. Laurence Harbor is located in New Jersey. Steve and his family also have a pet rabbit called Henry and a range of other pets. These pets include: toads, turtles, frogs and tortoises. Woyce often uses these pets when he is performing at school assemblies and other events.

Steve Woyce loves to keep children of any age entertained for hours. Steve has loved children for many years and he enjoys performing magic in front of them. It is said that he is the only magician who is mentioned and acknowledged at many school assemblies around the United States. You can be sure that many school children will know who he is.

Not only is Steve Woyce a magician, but he is also an author. The first book he ever wrote is called The Amazing World Of Turtles. In this book he educates readers all about turtles. If you have a love of turtles, then you will want to purchase this highly interesting book. You might just be surprised at what you discover about these amazing animals. Since this book, Woyce has written many other books which were available for purchase throughout 2013.

Steve Woyce Magician's aim in life is to encourage children to chase their dreams. He loves to help their imaginations to grow. Steve does his very best to keep them motivated, inspired and entertained. Mr Woyce has a father who is a full-time magician. It should be of no surprise then that he has loved magic ever since he was five years old. Throughout each year, Steve has up to four hundred shows that he performs in several different states. Some of these states include the following: New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Not only does he perform at school assemblies, but he can also perform at a variety of private parties or functions, family events and libraries. He has no limitations on when and where he can perform. As he performs his magic, Steve does his absolute best to include his own original comedy. It is through this that memorable moments are made. He goes out of his way to make sure all of his performances are both professional and entertaining.

If John Carlson is booked and you are having a family event, a private party or other event that requires entertainment, then please consider inviting Steve along. He offers five brand new magic shows which are full of comedy that are especially designed for these events. These include: The Basic Birthday Magic Show, The Deluxe Birthday Magic Show, The Ultimate Birthday Magic Show, The Family Magic Show, and The Deluxe Family Magic Show. Every one of these shows come at a very affordable rate. You will not be disappointed.

If you wish to find out more about his shows, you can contact Steve on his webpage or through Facebook. He will do his best to get back to you as soon as possible.